From Herr J:  This is the hardest page I've had to write, which is why it's remained blank for so long.  (That, and I'm a bit lazy.)  Who is Frau A?  Here's a perspective on the Schnitzelbahn "Meisterin"...

Frau A was born and raised in the Southeastern U.S. (moved around quite a bit), so she has a great combination of "girly" and kick-ass.  Likes pretty colors, cushy blankets, and being treated like a lady?  Check.  Advanced SCUBA diver, fantasy football commissioner, and hunter of high-tech toys and kitchen gadgets?  Check.  See what I mean?  There are a lot of layers to this onion...

Frau A headed a bit north for college -- Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  She studied international politics/economics stuff, but of course took a job in a completely unrelated field: real estate investment management. But work brought her back South, this time to Big D.  It's a perfect place for her yin and yang, traditional and modern, sweet and spicy.  For example:  She absolutely adores animals and photographing wildlife, but also likes barbequing "pork and his tasty friends" and washing 'em down with a cold brew.
Southern girls drip honey, but don't mess with Texas.

Even Dallas couldn't hold her around too long.  After a couple a years Frau A took a job in Thailand, and stayed there four years.  In this time she got her MBA from U. of Chicago and made friends throughout Asia, with frequent travel and adventure.  She returned to Dallas for a while before packing up again and taking a job in Munich, Germany.  Since landing in Bavaria, she's really integrated culturally:  enjoys the World Cup (especially 2006), purchased multiple Oktoberfest dirndl's, and continues to study German language.
She's also learned to ski, and almost likes winter now!  Well, almost.

What else?

  • In addition to getting better at German, she is almost fluent in Spanish and can get by in Portugese.
  • She misses her cats (now staying with her parents) but also dreams of having a huge mastiff, and husky, and...
  • In addition to the dogs, she would love to have an quarium with schools of red-toothed triggerfish, and hermit crabs, and... (told you she was an animal lover)
  • She enjoys watching movies, but will almost always fall asleep (so we watch the end again another day).
  • She likes to cook and bake, and has a taste that runs from her favorite Thai recipes to true-blue American steak & burgers.  She'll have frequent cravings for pizza too.
  • Her iTunes library is as eclectic as her recipes:  coutry AND western, Metallica, and even some German "schlager"
  • She thinks nerds can be cute (thank goodness) and doesn't mind LOTR-like indulgences from her guy, or Star Wars quotes, or...

Well, to get to know more about Frau A, just read her posts.  It's all right there: her experiences, interests, and personality.  Good food and drinks, travel, fashion and culture, photography and gummi art... and that little something else, that friends miss and make our lives a little better.  Hope you enjoy Schnitzelbahn!